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What is Medical Pet Boarding?

If you're planning to go away and need pet care, you have several options, including hiring a pet sitter or using pet boarding services. Your pet might also require veterinary care and consistent monitoring if medical pet boarding is available. Today, our Lafayette vets will discuss medical pet boarding, its differences from other options, and when it might be necessary.

What To Do With Your Pet When You Go Away

If you plan to spend time away from home, make sure you adequately care for your pet. Pet care typically falls into three categories: pet sitting, pet boarding, and medical pet boarding.

Hiring a Pet Sitter While You Are Gone

The best way to think of a pet sitter is to think of them as a sort of babysitter but for your pet instead of a human child. Your pet sitter can be a professional that you hire or a friend or family member. The level of service from a pet server can vary. The primary role of a sitter is to check on your pet periodically and dispense food, take care of their bathroom breaks, and provide social playtime.

Pet Boarding For More Consistent Care

Pet boarding provides a service wherein pet owners entrust their pets to professional care. While commonly known as a kennel, this service has evolved considerably in recent years. Facilities now offer varying levels of service, from basic care to comprehensive activities akin to summer camp, or even luxurious pampering resembling a spa experience for pets. Given the diversity in services, we advise pet owners to thoroughly evaluate any boarding facility to ensure it meets their standards for their pet's care.

Medical Pet Boarding If Your Pet Requires Veterinary Care

Medical pet boarding resembles regular pet boarding but offers an extra perk. Our veterinarians and nurses will supervise your pet, administering medications and closely monitoring them. Your pet will receive any necessary medications on the same schedule at home.

When Does My Pet Need Medical Boarding?

We highly recommend medical pet boarding for pets with pre-existing conditions, who are extremely young, and seniors. This specialized boarding is tailored for pets requiring extra care or having existing medical conditions.

Unlike a pet sitter or standard boarding facility, which may lack training in medication administration, especially involving needles, medical boarding stands out.

Its trained professionals are adept at understanding your pet's medical history, administering medication, and adjusting doses as needed.

They possess the expertise to recognize symptoms pertinent to your pet's medical condition or history, ensuring comprehensive care.

Requirements for Medical Pet Boarding

Most regular pet boarding facilities require pets to have specific vaccinations. Additionally, they specify whether you can bring toys, bedding, or food for your pet. The vaccination requirement still applies for medical boarding, but it's advisable to confirm their vaccination policy.

While some locations permit pets' toys and bedding from home during regular boarding, this allowance may vary for pets undergoing medical boarding due to hygiene concerns. Verify the policies of your chosen boarding facility regarding medical boarding.

Remember to bring any currently prescribed medication for your pets and any vet-prescribed food.

      Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. Please make an appointment with your vet to accurately diagnose your pet's condition.

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